Victoria Kusske
Maid of Honor
Sarah and I met through our brothers Cub Scout troop, became self-proclaimed honorary scouts and have been best friends ever since. We spent much of our childhood shopping, baking, eating, singing, gaming, traveling, camping and being perfect daughters. I couldn't have dreamed up a better counter part for my best friend than Phil and can't what to celebrate them!
Dana Lueck-Mammen
Although neither of us remember, we have the picture to prove that Sarah and I first met as aspiring ballerinas at Raggedy Ann & Andy. We reunited in 8th grade and quickly became friends (again) when we realized how much we had in common, including our love for boys, Harry Potter and the Tenth Kingdom. In high school, Sarah even helped me dig through the trash at Best Burgers to find my retained. Even though we have lived in different states since high school (apart from a few months last year), we have remained close and have always been able to pick right back up from the last time we saw each other.
Maryn Juergens
Maryn first knew of Sarah the summer before their freshman year of college when Sarah, the ultimate organizer, had created a Facebook page for their Whitman College dorm section. Of course Sarah was a) on the cutting edge of technology (Facebook in 2010), b) immediately creating social ties amongst people and c) organized before anyone even know there was something to organize. From Whitman freshman section mates to becoming real sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sarah and Maryn quickly became a dynamic duo that got sh*t done - and become great friends at the same time: whether that was making 100 personalized Valentines every February, running the Whitman Investment Company or Black Student Union!
Allison Valenta
Allison and Sarah met at Google and bonded over painting nails, shutting down mean customers and foodie life in their lady cube. Allison remembers the inception of Sarah & Phil and has some great stories to tell about #crazysarah. She can't wait to celebrate them in July and serve as the local beauty/clothing guru.
Roxane Eherenbard
Roxane and Sarah first became friends after sharing a cube at Google. But her first memory of Sarah is long before that at a team bonding event where she was on the panel and explained to everyone her love language (words of affirmation)-- so don't forgot to tell her she looks great on the big day! Roxane eventually became a part of the ultimate trio-couple as the second girlfriend, enjoying many home-cooked meals with Sarah and Phil in SF, which only sometimes resulted in scarring cuts to Phil. And she can't wait for the special day to come! Or for Sarah to move back to SF :)
Michael Bernasek
Best Man
Michael is Philip's oldest brother. He is married and lives in Oakland, CA with his wife Sarah and their daughter Naomi. Michael enjoys golfing. 
Ruslan Goussiatnikov
Phil has been a great friend for almost 10 years. We started with straight shots the first semester of college and have been popping bottles ever since. Phil managed to survive 3 years as my roommate and 4 years as my doubles partner on the tennis team.
Trenten Nelson-Rivers
Phil and I first met online. It is, however, not as weird as you’d think. We were introduced by way of our recruiter as we were relocating to San Francisco to start at Google. Phil and I ended up living together in a palatial flat in the Mission with two other gentlemen and one bathroom; living the dream! Now for the plot twist -- Sarah and I actually went to highschool together. After a couple of months of enjoying our weekends in San Francisco, all three of us would tend to end up at the same place -- and let’s just say it wasn’t Sarah’s.
Mike Bellis
Phil and I became friends at Hopkins High School. We navigated our way through some tough classes and managed to get through a few years of Latin, but then somehow failed our senior project. Looking back, it might have had something to do with the fact that we'd have a few beers while working on the project, but that's neither here nor there. What matters is that we ultimately found a way to graduate, and built a pretty cool catapult in the process.
Chad Baranik
One of the things Chad and Sarah share in common is that neither of them can likely remember the first time they met -- probably something involving work or wine (probably both). What they're sure not to forget are the five years since: ones filled with sweatpants, more wine, and even spontaneous high tea outside Buckingham.
Joshua Vezza
Josh and Sarah technically met at work (same as Phil), but in actuality it wasn't until Josh brought his roommate's yellow lab to work that Sarah even paid Josh any attention. He knew he was just being used as a catalyst for Sarah fawning over, yet another, dog, but eventually Sarah realized Josh was worth loving too. Cut to 4 years later and the friendship is going strong, even without a furry friend to bridge the gap.
Amjad Asad
Amjad is one of Sarah's original fans from her time at Google. One of the earliest memories they share is when Amjad was so bound by Sarah's beautiful face that he asked her if she was Palestinian (turns out she isn't). Since then, they became fast friends and Amjad is always one of the first to remind Sarah how smart and pretty she is. From dressing up like James Bond and a Bond girl for a movie premiere to sharing Pink Wednesdays and even their first SoulCycle ride together, Amjad and Sarah are two peas in a pod. In fact, Amjad would have married Sarah if Phil hadn't popped the question first!